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Gentle & Compassionate

At Dr M Dental Clinic, we practice gentle and compassionate dentistry because that is what we are all about. We understand that some of you may feel challenging, fearful and anxious when it comes to dental visit. You are in good hands with us, and we will never let you down. With us, you are taking a big leap in restoring your dental health! 

We pride ourselves on furnishing dentistry with a light touch. We strive to provide the most gentle treatment possible so that you receive compassionate care with as little discomfort as possible. Here you get not just what you need but what you deserve — a dental experience like never before. It is what we do to establish client relations that, we hope, last forever.

muji aesthetic relaxation

We put in a significant amount of effort into crafting the overall atmosphere and environment to reflect our professional style. Embodying exquisite and minimalism, our Muji-inspired interior design features a clean-cut , cosy and inviting aesthetic. It conveys a sense of relaxation and tranquility to minimize the incidence of dental fear and anxiety.

“Experience the ultimate Zen aesthetic relaxation that our minimalist Muji style offers.”

dr m dental clinic

play while you wait

Waiting in line to see our Drs? For adolescents and adults, we have some local Malaysian comic books in store to help you pass the time. While for children, we have waiting room educational toys to keep them busy for long periods of time.

“We know waiting is a universal annoyance, so we strive to turn it into a pleasurable experience.”

dr m dental clinic

wait experience like no other

Here we up our waiting room game beyond the out-of-date magazines found at all too many waiting room tables. With a TV in place, we play portfolio from past and current customers to assure people of the kind of care they can expect from our team. Our waiting area also has WiFi and its login details on ready display, whereby customers can spend their time catching up on social media, replying to emails and doing other tasks while waiting.

“The best waiting experience is a waiting opportunity that works like a calming oasis”

dr m dental clinic

State of the art technology

anthos (italy)

High-performance integrated dental chair for all operations

Euronda (Italy)

Next-level sterilization system to protect clients and personnels

beyond (USA)

Genuine non-invasive whitening system with ultrasonic technology

Smile Lite MDP (Swiss)

Capture before and after photos to put the end result in sight

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Great oral health will leave you feeling more confident about smiling freely! Our highly skilled and well-trained dental team always give their very best to help resolve your concerns and make your visits positive. Try us out now.