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From toothbrushes to toothpaste and more, our handpicked premium items can help prevent cavities and maintain excellent oral hygiene.

Waterpik® Cordless Express Water Flosser

Battery operated, portable, and waterproof design makes the Cordless Express perfect for small spaces, travel, and use in the shower.

TePe® Gentle Care™

A super soft toothbrush recommended for people with sore or very delicate oral tissue, very sensitive root surfaces, extremely dry mouth, and after radiotherapy.

TePe® Implant Orthodontic Brush™

A special toothbrush designed to clean along implants and fixed braces precisely.

TePe® Angle™ Pink

A small brush designed to clean the inaccessible gaps between the teeth efficiently.

parodontax® Herbal toothpaste

A toothpaste specially formulated to help stop and prevent gum problems by aiding plaque removal, with herbal extracts for a clean & fresh sensation.

White Glo®
Coffee & Tea Drinkers
Whitening Toothpaste

A revolutionary whitening toothpaste with Micro-Polishing Particles targets discoloration and yellowing on the tooth enamel caused by consumption of coffee and tea over time.

white glo®
sensitive forte+
whitening toothpaste

A whitening toothpaste formulated with active ingredient Potassium Nitrate which helps to whitening teeth gently and reduce teeth and gum sensitivity.

White Glo®
Professional Choice
Whitening Toothpaste

A premium fluoride enriched toothpaste that offers maximum oral care hygiene and lightens discoloration and yellowing on tooth enamel.

Gengigel® Mouthrinse

A unique, patented and naturally active hyaluronic acid mouthrinse to stop any minor bleeding, soothes soreness ands sharp pain of ulcers and promotes gum healing.

Oradex® Antibacterial Mouthwash

A chlorhexidine-containing and clinically proven mouthwash for the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease, swollen and bleeding gums, mouth ulcers etc.

BETADINE® gargle & mouthwash

An antiseptic sore throat gargle made from Povidone to kill the bacteria and viruses in the mouth and throat. It is clinically proven to help fight Covid.


A high functional nano-bio fusion gel to soothe, restore, preserve and protect the natural environment of the oral cavity.

How to Choose and Use Oral Care Products

Methods of caring for the teeth and mouth differ according to the condition of the teeth and gums. Talk to us and we will guide you through how to choose and use the right products based on your oral conditions.